Overview of Department of Business Administration

Welcome to the UCTC School of Business. The UCTC Business School is committed to provide the highest quality business education in Bangladesh. The department currently offers BBA, MBA (1 year), and MBA (2 years) degrees.
All of our existing programs are UGC and Government approved.

At the moment there are 6 full-time faculty members in this school. Our faculty members are highly qualified, and possess doctoral and/or master’s degree from leading research universities in Europe and Asia.

The school is currently offering five majors for undergraduate and graduate level. As a dynamic new university a good number of students are studying in the school; the student/teacher ratio in most classes is 25:1.

We are striving to become a leading Business School in Bangladesh. We prepare our graduate to face the challenges of the twenty first century. We make our students think out of the box whether they are interested in developing a career as business executive or entrepreneur, the school is offering you the best possible educational environment to flourish your creativity and ingenuity to reach your goals.

UCTC Business School is located at the heart of Chittagong city not far from Bahaddarhat Circle (1084, Shah Amanat Bridge Connecting Road, Bahaddarhat) in a state-of-the-art campus. We invite you to visit our campus in person with your friends and family.

We would like to invite you to know more about UCTC mission, UCTC WILL BE THE LEADING PRIVATE TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH BASED UNIVERSITY FOR DISCOVERY, CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION, to develop skilled human resources who will be our country’s future leader, as all our activities in the Business School are driven by that. Thank you for your interest in UCTC Business School.